screenshot_2016-08-02-10-05-27-1At some point in our lives, we have all shouted and claimed our favorite day of the week or month, for reasons only we understand best. It might be associated with our birthdays, anniversaries-for all the small and big happenings in our lives or just the lazy days where we don’t have to get out of bed.

I have never had a favorite month, but I have always been in love with the names of the months. i don’t know about you but the taste of those names on my tongue is simply refreshing. But i have also claimed to have a favorite day, and its Wednesday. What I loved about Wednesday is that its caught in between. It simply exists in the middle and nobody seems to actually care about it. It’s caught between Monday and Tuesday where almost everyone is trying to sober up from the weekend that has just passed. Between Thursday and Friday where almost everyone is getting ready for the weekend, and between the Weekend itself, where almost everyone wishes the other days of the week didn’t exist.

I remember in high school, where on Wednesdays, majority of the people, weren’t aware of what day of the week it was. They had sobered up from the weekend and were not anticipating for the weekend for it seemed rather too far ahead. They just lived and focused on the things that were happening in the moment of every tick of the clock. Wednesday was my favorite day, for I saw people living in the moment,with out a care of what had passed and what was to come. I believe that’s why Wednesday is actually placed in the middle, existing on its own to remind us what it means to live in the moment. But I recently came across a post on Instagram and it goes like this;

”what day is it?” asked Pooh

”it’s Today” squeaked Piglet

”my favorite day” said Pooh.

Just the simplicity of that shook my whole being, for it reminded me that everyday is a miracle. We do not have to be conditioned to like other days and dread the others. All we have is today, to create, to believe, to fly, to cry, to laugh, to forgive and to love. We do not have to wait for the anniversaries to celebrate again, we do not have to wait for the birthdays to make a wish or be grateful for our lives. Now is perfect. Let our favorite day be Today as we embrace the miracle and magic that it holds within it.

Today is my favorite day. Now is my perfect time.

All my love, Muige Rebecca.